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Current Update

2013 Small Business Outlook Gloomy; Holiday Party Goofs; Collaborative Management Adds Profits; Mobile Workforce Management; More

A majority of small business owners polled by this newsletter’s parent said they were disappointed by the results of the Presidential contest. While hopeful President Obama would be sympathetic to their needs, a significant majority (61%) said they were worried his priorities would not help them in the near-term.

The poll was taken during the three weeks immediately following the election and encompassed 300 owners/presidents across the nation.

Of more immediate concerns were the upcoming season of company parties where many employees exhibit behavior that can wreck a career and hurt firms. Here is a list of do’s and don’ts.

As even the smallest businesses become more spread out and mobile, there are new cloud-based applications to better manage the work force.

Among the other tips for small business leaders was an expert’s argument that profits increase when small business managers develop ways of creating positive, collective organizations.

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What can be done to lessen the impact of heightened emotions in the workplace, holiday parties?


"First and foremost:  do not make an important act, decision or choice when you are overcome by emotions or stress!  Always, stop, cool down, and, as they say, “take the pause that refreshes.”  Additionally, do not opt for an immediate, emotional quick fix, response, or retaliation. Oftentimes, we opt for these short-term satisfactions, but in the big picture of our lives, these unthinking, emotion- generated reactions are counter and highly detrimental to accomplishing what we truly want for ourselves in the long term.” Ken Lindner, author of Your Killer Emotions: The 7 Steps to Mastering the Toxic Emotions, Urges, and Impulses That Sabotage You..


What is the outlook for small businesses in 2013?


As many individuals start their own firms in 2012-2013, the competition and added regulations, especially in healthcare insurance benefits will add additional burdens to smaller enterprises as they seek growth in a stagnating economy. Susan Woodward, economist for Intuit


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